For Hire

You say Rum. I say Rhum. What the H is going on?

That's according to Wyatt Peabody, a writer for Punch, an online drinks magazine.

It's the purest expression of rum, Peabody adds. "Ninety-nine percent of the world's rum is made with molasses, which goes back centuries. Rhum agricole is made from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice and it makes for an entirely different expression. The likes of which, no one has experienced."

There's an easy way to tell the difference between rum industrial and rhum agricole.

"[Take} a simple daiquiri of white rum made from, say, Puerto Rico. And compare that with a daquiri made from rum agricole and you'll get something that is like nothing else on earth in terms of reflecting terroir and sense of place. You get a funk, which for those of in the business, we love that word. A sense of place, a sense of the earth, herbaceousness, dampness reflective of the microclimates," Peabody says.